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RRSP Loans

RRSP loans can be an effective way to maximize your RRSP deduction. This strategy works best in the 40% & 46.2% marginal tax rates. The main reason this holds true relates directly to the reduction of income tax at the higher rate.

We offer instant issue RRSP loans at the current chartered banks prime rate posted in effect at that time. Three (3) month deferral plan is available. Repayment terms up to 24 months. Contact us for all the loan facts.

A Tax Sheltered Investing Alternative after RRSP’s

Investors are looking for ways to shelter their income and maximize their after tax returns. The problem with tax shelters is the lack of flexibility due to some of the restrictive characteristics of these plans. Outside an RRSP, some of the more popular types of tax deferral plans are limited partnerships, stocks, trusts. art, collectibles etc. Liquidity is usually the key issue with the aforementioned along with the uncertainty of the return on your investment.

If you have used up all your RRSP deduction, consider the following investment opportunity;

A self-directed plan which is exempt from taxation under current Canadian tax law, allows you to control 100% of the investment options, provides up to a 100% guarantee on your return, has instant accessibility to the investment portion at anytime and pays out a tax free benefit !

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Have you asked yourself the question, “What are you doing after work?” You’ve heard it before, but have you really thought about what it means?

Many of us are so busy today that we forget to focus on what we’re going to do once we’ve progressed to the next stage in life. We often hear about investors who have worked hard all their lives and saved for the future, but never thought about planning what they actually want do once they retire.

Today’s retirees enjoy a new kind of retirement. You’ll live longer, have greater savings at your disposal and more choices than ever before. You can travel, learn a new sport or start that Bed and Breakfast you’ve always dreamed about.

At Schilling Financial, we understand that investing is not just the way to grow your nest egg – it’s also the means to fuel dreams and ambitions. We understand that living your well earned retirement is a journey in itself.

Someone once said, “We work to become, not to acquire.” Schilling Financial can help you build your financial foundation, and we can even point you in the direction of what you can become. But it’s up to you to dream the dreams that make you the person you want to be, after work.

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