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Business Succession Planning

For many entrepreneurs, their Businesses form a major part of their retirement plans. The usual objective is to build your Business to a level of success. Once this has been accomplished, the value of Business can play a key role in funding your retirement.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions;
  1. who will buy my Business when I am ready to retire?
  2. have I made plans to pay off corporate debt in the event of my death?
  3. how might my company’s credit standing change when I die?
  4. what plans have I made for my Business in the event of my early death?
  5. am I interested in passing my Business on to my children?
Did you know family firms account of 70% of Canadian Businesses while only 3 of 10 survive a 2nd generation!

Here are some of the key reasons; Without some planning, you may find your Business in the same environment. This is where we can help in association with your other key advisors (accountant & lawyer). If the idea of having a known buyer and a guaranteed price is of interest to you, contact Rick Schilling for your free copy of "The Succession Planning Series". Specify whether you would like a word attachment by e-mail, otherwise give your mailing address to receive it by snail mail.